Mid-Morning – In-laws, Outlaws, & Granny Flats

October 16, 2015 /
Host: PeggySue Wells

As the baby boomer generation ages, families are exploring eldercare in the form of secondary living spaces within homes, or on the same property. Author of In-laws, Out-laws and Granny Flats, Michael Litchfield says combining households is far more than construction projects. Whether you are converting an attic, basement, or garage; putting in a bump-out addition; or doing a freestanding structure, the in-law unit is about the people who live there. Jan and George Glass, along with their daughter Deb Goeglein, share the process they used to create a homey granny flat that honored both generations and provided community, as well as privacy. Ask your questions about the financial, practical, and emotional ways to create a win-win address for everyone.

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