Mid-Morning: “Divorce and Remarriage”

May 29, 2015 /


Friday, May 29, 2015
“Divorce and Remarriage”
Host(s): Rubel Shelly

Divorce is not a good thing. Respected pastor, college president, and author Rubel Shelly says it over and over again in his book, Divorce and Remarriage (Leafwood, ISBN# 978-0-89112-362-0). It disrupts the lives of people who got married with the full intention of living together until death separated them. It disrupts the lives of the children and those who love them. But what should we do when we find ourselves abused by our spouse? What about mental instability? Adultery? What should those who find themselves divorced plan to do about a future marriage? In today’s encore conversation, Rubel Shelly addresses these difficult questions from a biblical perspective, in a way that pursues the heart of God and offers hope for those hurt from the devastation of divorce.

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