Mid-Morning – Foodwifery

September 11, 2015 /
Host: Lynne Ford

Founders of Foodwifery, Laurie Smith and Jamie Fiene teach the high art of the nurturing table. Foodwifery brings life to you and your family, and improves family health through preparation and eating traditional, nutrient-dense foods. More than just a way to cook, Foodwifery is a culture, a community, a way to live. Laurie and Jamie share the foundational keys to the high art and humble joy of nurturing those you love with real food. For a sneak peek into what’s in store when Laurie and Jamie come to the Mid-Morning studios, Foodwifery compiled a special link for WBCL listeners and their friends that includes a Foodwifery class as well as other informative items, www.foodwifery.com.

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