Mid-Morning: Spots & Spotlights (Clay Dyer, Nancy Noel, Odyssey Adventure Club, Food Wifery)

August 6, 2015 /


Spots & Spotlights

Hosts: Lynne Ford and PeggySue Wells

Fishing expert, Clay Dyer, is an artist with a fishing pole and with life’s challenges. “If I can, you can,” is the motto of this inspirational speaker born without limbs except a partial arm. The arts of animation, drama, and spirituality blend into the longest running radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. Bob Smithhouser tells us about the dynamic and interactive Odyssey Adventure Club currently accepting kids and families for membership. How does the world look when viewed through an artistic lens? World renown artist Nancy Noel gives us a rare tour of her stunningly beautiful masterpieces. Laurie Smith and Jamie Fiene teach the high art of the nurturing table. Foodwifery brings life to you and your family through good food and shared mealtimes. Foodwifery compiled a special link for WBCL listeners and their friends that includes a Foodwifery class as well as other informative items, www.foodwifery.com.

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