prayers for everything!

toni B.
Please pray for salvation for the lost, healing for the sick, my friend Juanita Dinger she broke her ankle, people is suicidal, children to be protected from evil in all aspects! Churches to be strengthen to grow in faith! The joy restore of everyone salvation! For my family and there prayers to be answered! Protection from the enemies! Please to brake away from all addiction! Ohio State is the worse for fatalities in over dose! Please also pray for all evil to end! Also renewal of broken spirits and body! Please pray for me personal enemies is really driving hard in my life! For my prayers to be answered! Please say a prayer for all the animals for all aspects! The galaxies to be protected and Israeli to be restored with faith in our Son of God! Please pray for Jesus Christ for his spirit and soul be renewed not anyone to hurt him! Thank you so very much! I love the channel! May the blessings poor into your station! May the hurt go away from everyone replace with peace and wisdom for all! Agape