Mid-Morning Fiction Fix

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The Outlaw Takes a Bride
by Susan Page Davis

Sally Golding is finally putting the past behind her. The young widow regrets the unhappy state of her first marriage, but the promise of a new life and a loving husband in rancher Mark Paynter - a man with whom she's been writing letters - has her on a train from St. Louis Beaumont, Texas. Mark's brother flees Denver to escape being hanged for a murder he didn't commit. But at the ranch where he planned to take refuge, he finds Mark, dead at the hand of rogue bandits wreaking havoc on the countryside... Read More…

Then Sings My Soul
by Amy K. Sorrels

When Nel Stewart returns home after the sudden death of her mother, she realizes her beloved father, Jakob, is struggling with dementia. With the reappearance of her high school sweetheart, unexpected deliveries from Ukraine, and the discovery of a mysterious gemstone, Nel is increasingly drawn into the past - both hers and that of her family ...Read more…

On Shifting Sand
by Allison Pittman

Long before anyone would christen the Dust Bowl, Nola Merrill senses the destruction. She's been drying up bit by bit since the day her mother died, leaving her with a father who withholds his affection the way God keeps a grip on the Oklahoma rain. A hasty marriage to Russ, a young preacher, didn't bring the escape she desired. Now, twelve years later with two children to raise, new seeds of dissatisfaction take root. When Jim, a long-lost friend from her husband's past, takes refuge in their home, Nola slowly springs to life under his attentions ... Read more ...

Summer by Summer
by Heather Burch

When Summer took a job as a nanny for a family vacationing in Belize, she imagined it would be the perfect break between high school and college in the fall. And while she adores her charge, Joshie, she can't say the same for her employers' oldest son, Bray. He's cocky, inconsiderate, and makes her feel she's a chore he has to put up with. Bray had a plan for the summer: party, hang out with friends, and forget all the responsibilities waiting for him back home. But every time he's around Summer, she has a habit of bringing up what he already dislikes about himself ... Read more

To Know You
by Shannon Ethridge and Kathryn Mackel

Julia and Matt Whittaker's son has beaten the odds for thirteen years only to have the odds - and his liver - crash precipitously. The only hope for his survival is a "living liver" transplant, but the transplant list is long and Dillon's time is short. His two older half-sisters, born eighteen months apart to two different fathers, offer his only hope for survival. But can Julia ask a young woman - someone she surrendered to strangers long ago and has never spoken with - to make such a sacrifice to save a brother she's never known? ... Read more...