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Brentwood's Ward
by Michelle Griep

     It takes a criminal to catch one, and Nicholas Brentwood is just the man for the job. Reformed in more ways than one, the rough-around-the-edges Brentwood is a member of the Bow Street Runners, London's early 19th century fledgling police force. Beautiful and beguiling, Miss Emily Payne is not the sort of miscreant Brentwood usually hunts down. When he is assigned as her bodyguard, he vows to protect her from her father's enemies, who will stop at nothing to carry out their mission fueled by greed and revenge...  Read More…

by Grace Livingston Hill

      Kerry Kavanaugh's world is shaken when her father, a noted scientist, dies, leaving behind his unpublished book. Determined to publish her father's life's work, Kerry sails for New York, then is met with a new challenge when she discovers evidence of foul play. Her trunk has been searched and a page of notes goes missing. Someone is out to steal the manuscript! But with a ship full of strangers, who can't she suspect?...  Read more…


 Sky Zone
by Creston Mapes

      Jack and Pamela Crittendon have hit the breaking point. After months out of work as a reporter, Jack is playing Mr. Mom and working part-time at Festival Arena with his survivalist friend Brian Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Pamela has gone back to work full-time while eight months pregnant. With financial pressures boiling, Jack reports for duty at a rally for controversial presidential candidate Martin Sterling, where he expects a mindless night on the job. But when Homeland Security picks up intel about a potential terrorist attack... Read more...

 A Season of Change
by Lynette Sowell

     Stranded at a Sarasota hospital at the bedside of his ailing daughter, Amish widower Jacob Miller is wary of his unfamiliar surroundings - including the strange curiosity of Natalie Bennett. Natalie, an aerial silks artist whose career in the circus ended before it began, has just uncovered a secret her mother kept hidden for years. Her mom, or rather, mamm, was once Amish. A hundred questions suddenly surface. Why did Natalie's mother keep this secret for so long? Does she still have Amish relatives?...  Read more…

The Covered Deep
by Brandy Vallance

 Bianca Marshal is looking for a man who can quote both Jesus and Shakespeare. Not surprisingly, that man is hard to find in the small Appalachian town where she lives. Her mother insists that Bianca lower her standards. On the eve of her twenty fifth birthday, even Bianca wonders if her mother is right. Still set on experiencing love, or at least a little adventure, Bianca wins an essay contest that propels her into a whirlwind search for the perfect romantic hero. Via the opulence of London, and the mysteries of Palestine, Bianca's true love will be revealed - but not without a price that might be too heavy to pay.  Read more...