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The Midday Bible Brain Buster took place today!  Here's a look at today's question -  
After Jesus' death and resurrection what were His first words to His disciples when he saw them for the first time?

Answer -  Peace Be with You - found in Luke 24:36
Congratulations to Ron from Auburn! Ron won a WBCL prize pack including the Mercy Me Cd, Welcome to the New. Their latest project!

If your a Homeschooler grades 3 - 6 the next WBCL Homeschool Pop Quiz will take place next Monday, April 21 around 12:40pm.   Good Luck!

Dates the Homeschool Pop Quiz will not be played!
               (All dates subject to change)
May 19 or 26
Grand prize drawing to take place Monday June 9th around 12:40pm.
Featured books on WBCL'S Book Market with Lynne Ford:
April 10 - "Life Stinks...And Then You Die" - Living Well in a Sick World by Bob Hostetler - (Leafwood Publishers)

March 25 - "Waiting in Wonder" (Growing in Faith While You're Expecting) A Devotional Journal by
Catherine Claire Larson - (Thomas Nelson)
March 20 - "You'll Get Through This" (Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times) by Max Lucado - (Thomas Nelson)

February 25 - "The Daniel Plan "40 Days to a Healthier Life"  by Rick Warren and by Dr's. Daniel Amen and Mark Hyman -  (Zondervan)
February 11 - "52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads" by Jay Payleitner - (Harvest House).

Cindy's Money Savings Tips for March 13 - Staycations. 

 Spring Break is right around the corner and many will be heading out of town on vacation BUT, what if you are unable to take that much needed vacation but still would like to do something with the family. How about a "staycation".

 Here are some  positive reasons for staying home: 

You’ll obviously save money! 
No airfare, hotel, or rental cars. You may still spend money that week, but you will need a much smaller budget.

Spend more time relaxing
:  You won’t waste two days or more travelling and you’ll get to sleep in your own comfy bed each night.

Less Stress and Strain
:  Travel can be exhausting and stressful.  Preparing for a trip and then the mound of laundry you have when you get home can be a real stressor.

You’ll be supporting the local economy
– Make an extra effort to try out local, privately owned restaurants, shops and attractions that you’ve never had time for.

Take pictures
of the things you do with your family like you would on a big vacation

Have fun planning
your week with your family so everyone is involved and excited for the adventure.
       Remember, this is a stay at home vacation so here are a few don't to remember in order to enjoy your "staycation".

Don’t bring out the “honey-do” list
and resist household chores as much as possible.  This is a vacation week – not a home improvement week.

Limit your phone & computer
use like you would if you were away.

Don’t “pop” into the office
unless you have the kids with you and want to take the opportunity to see Mommy or Daddy’s office and co-workers.
For some staycation ideas head to www.visitfortwayne.com