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Take the Shankle-Amen Dementia Early Screening Questionnaire featured on Mid-Morning, April 2!
If you heard Lynne's conversation with Dr. Ann Kulze and wanted the link to the Staying Happy Naturally, here it is! And here are the heart smart cooking swaps.
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Coming up next: Always fun to find new apps that make life a bit easier; tell us some of your favorites - especially if they might be helpful in the upcoming summer months!
* WE LIKE IT WEDNESDAYS are here! Lynne and Bekah have a Pinterest Board titled We Like It Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, we pin a couple of things we've found that we...well...like! Hope you'll find some great ideas for your life on this Pinterest board!
Soul Bites...
 "We can't plan God-ordained opportunities. All we can do is seize them."
~ Mark Batterson ~
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