Zaydekiel Carmichael and his mom and dad

Julie G.
Zaykiel is 8 myths old. He has had 4 heart surgeries and after one of the most recent surgeries had a cardiac arrest. He has been on life support for the majority of this past month. They were finally able to do an MRI and it shows that he will be blind, not able to eat, or walk on his own! Along with all of this they had him on an ECMO machine for some time which caused his body to not send oxygenated blood to his limbs. His fingers, toes, hands, feet, up to elbows and knees turned purple then black. Right now they are not sure how much will completely die and fall off or need amputated. They know for sure his fingers and toes. His parents are not believers. His mom Kayla’s grandma had her praying for him. When she got the news about the MRI on Wednesday she got screaming angry at God! The need as much uplifting as possible! Dad’s name is Chris. They have a Facebook site Zaydekiel’s Journey.