Thank you for taking the time to pray for my imminent request. I unite with you for your own prayers concurrently even if I do not know the details, still as in Matthew 18:20 there He is also. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Fervent, and continuous prayer for the Salvation of my son and his little girls along with a lifetime hedge of protection around them with Gods guidance directing their steps and purpose with the Gospel and other things He may have for them. Heal my son from all evil done to him by others and renew his relationship with his father. God knows the details. Break all that is generational in our DNA and cleanse them, and myself, break allllllllllll curses of any kind in Jesus name! As for myself, secure my job with a department store where I go through many attacks, including witchcraft, others eventually leave, but I want to continue since the Lord gave me this for a reason, must go through there I guess. Break, null and void all attacks, there are ppl that have been doing so much harm to coworkers and run them out as they stay and are never delt with. It is even dangerous at some point. Yet somehow God wants me there. Expose and may the Holy Spirit make a clean sweep and reinstate a higher standard again here again. Use me as an instrument Lord. Secure my job, especially this month and into 2018. Also secure my living arrangement which is basically a couch lol, and give me a home where I will never have to worry about a roof over my head again. Give me the victory in all I put my hands and mind on through prayer and in ChristJesus name. Bring a specific request to my door soon. God knows.