Urgent Prayers

Bonnie B.
Please pray for me name Bonnie and my husband Hank my husband has changed towards me he says things hurts me and Prayer Lord send someone to lead him to the Lord i love my husband he doesn't even touch me way he did he seems far from me and hurts me pray for my marriage pray we could take are Honeymoon way we planned never got because of reasons not good we need time together miss my husband badly don't know what has happened its really hurting me starting to use food try not to think and Prayer for my grown son Kris i gave him my home and i had to suffer by living in rat motel he run me and my husband hank out so we just let him have home now all he does is complain kris is my son and husband step grown son i have to hear Kris complain all time says everything is my fault i buy him food even when low in money he yells at me now me and my husband has home now and now kris wants us to move back in we put money into are new place its stressful i feel so lonely sometimes Lord only knows i get yelled at by my son kris and now my husband treats me like furniture says things hurts me badly Don't no what to do my heart is broken Lord help me killing me inside my husband different pray what ever going on with my husband Lord show me please keep me in prayers Lord have mercy on me help me today i love my husband hank Lord has to take this evil out of are marriage pray my Grown son kris live with his aunt and his puppy just sale home go'tn with his life tired being mistreated by their mouth please keep in prayers please