Prodigal Son

Ashley P.
Hello, My name is Ashley and i am requesting prayers for my spouse Stephan Davis. Presently he is incarcerated, and predicted to not be released until 2021. I believe nothing is impossible to pray, having faith in the God i serve and how he is above all things, I pray God will allow my spouse to be released earlier, yet still right on Gods time. I wouldn't ask for additional help in praying, it if i didn't believe in the change i have seen in my spouse as God has been transforming his heart and how he has found so much growth. God has been transforming him, myself and our relationship despite the hardships we have faced, God has only brought us closer. I pray he finds his ultimate faith deal breaker too through his release. He has been in West Virginia since 2017 and Indiana is where our children and I reside. All for great reason though i realize, because God had work that was needed for him through the time and distance. I also see the times we are in and i pray he is home safely in 2019. I have many reasons i pray, yet above all i pray God be glorified through this and that he transforms Stephan. This is major blessing i know i am asking and i pray we give back to God as much as he requires from so. As well as affirms Stephan's faith in him, that he will never doubt and know the God he serves is a mighty God. i pray Stephan gains his undeniable testimony as God had for me and passionately carries up the gospel for Christ and continues to put God 1st inside and outside. Also i pray that he be renewed fully and gains a deeper understanding and an even deeper intimacy beyond compare with God. God Bless Always, Ashley