Prayer for Caleb Joyner

Faith M.
I'm asking for Prayer for Caleb Joyner. He is on life support in a hospital in Kankakee Illinios. On Monday or Tuesday he was on his way to Illinios pick up some supplies. He had to stop to change a headlight. In doing so, he was holding the flashlight in his mouth. The flashlight exploded. He has severe brain injuries to the front and back of his brain. His neck is also broken. When the ambulance got to him, they did not know how long he was without oxygen or blood flow. Right now the urgency is to have a bed open up in a neurological ward so they can monitor his brain, which has started to swell. Unfortunately, the doctors are reluctant to do anything to reduce the swelling due to his broken neck. The break is so severe that the slightest movement could kill him. Please pray that a bed will open up soon and he can receive the additional medical care he desperately needs. Also, please pray for the whole family. They are all Christians which is such a blessing. This family means a lot to me. Since I've lived in Indiana, this very large family has become my family. Thank you in advance for your prayers.