Pray for my wife.

She works 70+ hours per week to make ends meet. Her body is wearing out. We adopted 7 children mostly special needs. They're all grown with the exception of one who passed away at the age of 16. We now are raising three grandkids with special needs that very seldom sleeps. Also one niece whom mother passed away almost two years ago. I was on dialysis for 6 yrs. Every hospital in Indiana turned me down for a transplant. Last year God provided a transplant in Chicago UIC hospital. You can't tell me God isn't real. We are remodeling our home while living in it. Please pray for her strength. Physical spiritual and mental. She carries a lot on her shoulders and I am worried about well being. Last fall we didn't know she could get pregnant. She did and miscarried 5 months into the pregnancy. We've always raised other people's children. I'm 53 and she's 43. She would have given birth last weekend. We're in desperate need for a bigger van but can't afford it right now. Oh yeah! We still take care of our our 29 year old special needs son.