Pray for My Sister

Sandy F.
Please pray for my sister Lisa. Four weeks ago she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It is a high stage 1 low stage 2 cancer. She had her first chemo on 4/23, then she became ill with MRSA caused by the port they inserted for the chemo treatments. They removed the port and have now have a hold on chemo until the end of the month. The hospital wants to make sure the infection is cleared up before chemo continues. Lisa has taken this whole cancer journey like a champ!!! She is doing way better than I even thought she would. I am so proud of my sister! She takes care of our handicap niece, and works. My Brother (my niece's dad) died two years ago this Father's Day in a motorcycle accident. I pray God will continue his walk with her through this cancer ordeal and give her the strength she needs to get through her daily life. Thank you.