Please pray for Isaiah and Josiah Moore

This happened Sunday evening. I used to work with these boys dad and they need all the prayer warriors on this! We are having a very difficult time putting anything into words at this point, but since word has gotten around Marion/Oak Hill and Royal Center Communities we felt like we should give an update. Last night around 7:15, our world was shattered. Isaiah and Josiah were playing in the front yard for about 15 minutes, when Mike went to check on them, at some point in that 15 minutes they went into the backyard. We found them unconscious in the pool. They were both flown by helicopter to Riley and are in the PICU with less than favorable prognosis. We appreciate everyone that has reached out to us. We are reading messages and texts, but at this point we may not respond. What we do need from everyone is to PLEASE PRAY. We need a couple of miracles for these boys. Update on Josiah at 4:04 PM- He has taken 2 commands to move his hand, and 3 commands to move his legs. Once I asked him to squeeze my hand, and he let out a big Joe sigh. I asked if I was annoying him and he fluttered his eyes, and when I asked him to move his legs he sighed again and moved his legs! This is a HUGE improvement, and it’s nice to know he can still throw some sass at me with his sighs! Please keep praying! Update on Isaiah and Josiah: We just met with their doctor and both boys’ lungs, kidneys, hearts, renal function etc. are all showing progress. PTL! Joe moved his leg this morning! Isaiah is still having seizures, so we are making adjustments with that treatment. Brain function is a wait and see situation, but other organs are progressing well. Both boys are still sedated. We’ve went from talking about minutes, hours, tomorrow to talking about treatment next week. Very long road, but encouraging meeting today! The prayers are working, please keep them coming! On behalf of Mike Moore, Kathy Coffman-Raderstorf and Aric Raderstorf thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support we’ve gotten, your kind words have been a bright spot during a very dark time for us. *We decorated the boys’ rooms today with their ball hat and mitt.* Isaiah and Josiah LOVE mail. If anyone would like to send them postcards for encouragement this is a free service at Riley. We will definitely read each one to the boys! Afternoon update: We received the results of Isaiah’s MRI, and things do not look good at this point. Miracles happen. and he needs a big one right now. The next 24-48 hours is going to be very difficult, please pray for strength and peace for all of us. Josiah was moved to a regular ventilator, and Continues to respond to some commands. He’s opened his eyes twice now, and has tried several other times to open his eyes. They took him off of morphine. He raised both arms about a foot off the bed and has moved his legs when asked. He’s also shrugged his shoulders and moved his head slightly. Please continue to pray for him. Morning Update: No changes this morning for Isaiah. Please just pray for strength for all of us. Josiah has been SUPER active this morning. He opened his eyes briefly for Mike, squeezed Mike and my Dad’s hands, and has tried to do his tiktok dance for us when asked (moved his legs, hand, and shoulders- if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing him dance it’s a full body workout). He goes for an MRI today, and there is talk of beginning to wean him from the ventilator starting this afternoon. He has shown a lot of small progress over the past 24 hour. Again, we just want to Thank you everyone again for everything. Afternoon update: Isaiah started initiating his own breaths on the ventilator. He’s also started responding to touch (cold/pressure). He’s had the best day he’s had in here today! Joe is less active, but is responding to stimuli and commands. His kidney numbers are slightly worse, but output is still good. Liver numbers have gotten better. I think he surprised his doctor with his movement during his exam! His MRI was pushed back to tomorrow because it’s now considered “routine” and he was pushed back because of more emergent patients. We are discussing weaning from the ventilator and also getting a feeding tube put in (waiting for kidney numbers to go back up). His heart rate is also coming down to a more “normal” number. Again, it’s a constant roller coaster in here, but we’re taking these small victories today! Isaiah and Josiah’s Army is strong and we have a God wrapping his arms around these boys! Please continue to prayer! We also got our 2nd stack of cards (in the video below), and we are sooo overwhelmed with the outpouring of love for these boys! We can’t thank you enough! When I initially shared the boys’ accident, it was just to inform the community. I never could’ve imagined their story would build such a huge army of prayer Warriors, and would captivate people all over the world. We feel the love from all of you, and that has been a huge blessing in what has been the hardest days of our lives. I do want people to know the boys, beyond the accident, and how truly amazing these boys are. Isaiah is our 8 year old. He has a smile that lights up any room, and a belly laugh that makes everyone smile. He’s brains and brawn. He’s a straight A student that just finished up 2nd grade. He loves Math and Science. He’s also a sports fanatic! This past year he played Flag Football, Outdoor soccer, Indoor soccer, basketball, and baseball. His highlights include scoring 10 goals in one soccer game and having his first ever home run in baseball this season! He loves watching the Pioneer Lady Panthers softball team do belly slides at home plate. He’s quick-witted and sassy, but doesn’t know a stranger. He’s one of the kindest people I know, and is always making new friends. Josiah is our 6 year old. He’s a free-spirit. He loves dancing and making videos. He recently started editing photos (and is pretty darn good at it!) He plays soccer and t-ball and loves having a good time. He’s very artistic and enjoys writing and illustrating his own books. Josiah can spend hours outside jumping on a trampoline, riding his bike or skateboard, or playing on his swing set. He’s honest and sassy. He just completed Kindergarten with all “S.” He is our cuddle bug. He loves going to “The Stand” with Grandpa to get a snack during Isaiah’s games. More than anything he is Grandma’s boy. Feel free to scroll through my page to see all of their crazy, funny stories that I’ve shared over the years. I could write pages and pages about these boys, but this is a quick snap shot of who they are. They are our whole world, to know them is to love them. Please continue praying for them. Morning update 6/3: We have a more in-depth meeting with the doctor about both boys this afternoon, but this is from Morning rounds. Isaiah’s vitals and vent have been stable. They are reducing his vent settings to see if he can tolerate breathing a little more on his own. He is still responding to pain/pressure by moving. He gets his catheter removed today because kidney function is good. He still needs a TON OF PRAYERS, but he’s fighting hard with everything he has. I think Josiah (and God) have the doctors baffled! His injuries were more severe, but he is making steady progress. His MRI came back with only moderate brain damage (this is a much better report than we initially got for him)! PTL! His vent setting is also being reduced, he’s been given clearance to start Physical/Occupational Therapy. This morning he opened his eyes and actually focused on me and raised his arm about 6 inches off of the bed and held it there until I grabbed his hand! He also has been playing a game with the nurse, where he opens his eyes when she’s turned around and as soon as she turns to him he closes them hard. If you know Joe that’s definitely something he’d do. Still need prayers for continued healing with his kidneys as numbers are still not where we want them to be. Again, we can not thank everyone enough for everything. We feel so loved! Afternoon update 6/3: Like I’ve said this is a constant roller coaster in here, and things can turn on a dime. Josiah has maintained since the last update (and has successfully transitioned to a lower vent level.) Unfortunately, Isaiah’s heart rate has continued to drop today and is on the very low end of where he should be (all other numbers are good). He is maintaining that level, but it’s concerning. Prayer Warriors you know what we need right now. We need all the prayers to Isaiah’s heart being extra strong. We do want to thank our friends at Converse Elementary/Oak Hill for the new decorations in their rooms and all of the cards and gifts today. We can’t thank you enough for sending love to our boys. This is up to date from Monday 5/31/21 to today Thursday 6/3/21