our marriage needs a miracle

I have asked my husband for a separation. He probably won't leave but we'll live the separation out within the same house. There have been ongoing issues in our marriage for years that have gone unresolved....counselors don't know how to handle it or they change the subject or ask for a compromise. My husband doesn't see his actions as a problem and he doesn't want to let t hem go; he thinks I need to be ok with it and then we'll be ok. I have tried more than my husband will acknowledge but i simply cannot compromise on something I believe strongly against. It is not glorifying to God and does not build my husband up. My husband is living a double life of lies and secrets and the closer I grow to God the more the lies and secrets come to surface. I let my guard/walls down and within days the next secret comes to light. It's a vicious cycle and he won't respond to anything I say-he's a closed book. We have started counseling again at my request but he started off saying we're there because I keep jumping from counselor to counselor trying to find one that will tell me what I want to hear. He needs to know all that he has to lose (wife and 2 beautiful girls and so much more). I need to remember he's not the enemy; Satan is feeding him the lies but he's got to submit to God and not Satan and the flesh, and definitely not what the world has come to accept as right. Please pray that I stay strong in my faith and speak words of truth over my husband and that unity can be restored in our marriage.