Multiple Prayer Request

Paula W.
I have multiple things happening in our family that just needs God to intervene, healing, answers, peace, reassurance and truth to be reviewed. 1) My father-in-law is in the hospital and has been since last Thursday. He is having surgery tomorrow afternoon to remove a portion of his colon due to significant diverticulitis that is worsening. He will be on a colostomy bag for 6 months in hopes to reconnect the sections back together later. Please pray for him during the surgery. He is a lost soul and would love to see him saved. 2) My dad has unofficially been diagnosed with dementia several weeks ago. We have an appointment at a Neurologist specialist to evaluate and give us a more clear diagnosis. Please pray for answers and steps on what needs to be done. 3) My daughter is due in 5 weeks. She has an appointment this week to help find out what a 6.1 spot is that was found on her placenta. Please pray everything is ok, easy delivery, mom and baby to be healthy. 4) My son has a court date August 19th to see if we can limit parenting time with his son's mom due to some things that we have found out, drug related. My grandson also started a new school and would like to pray for peace and comfort. 5) My sanity through all of these.