Marriage turmoil , husband needs God, my emotional stress

Judy M.
My husband grew up thru abuses, betrayals, and hurts. Married 9 yrs (his 2nd & my 1st). He said he was unhappy in marriage & didn’t see reason to continue. He remembers the good things I’ve done but doesn’t feel joy. He’s angry at God for all the past hurts & b/c his daughter (28) won’t talk to him & his relationship w his son (26) is weak. He’ll reconnect w his dad soon, hoping to heal his father wound. He suffers from anxiety & depression but refused to get therapy. He wants an encounter w God to know He still loves him. Since July 2018 I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. He’s blamed me for what’s wrong and formed an emotional attachment to another family to substitute for the one lost in his divorce. I have high BP holding everything together. He’s deviated from God’s will hoping He would not punish him too harshly. Pls pray for him to choose to turn to God. I believe there’s spiritual warfare here. I am desperate & tired from the constant emotional turmoil.