Job situation

I come today for prayer to find one full time job that i do not have to work 2 jobs like the past years. i work a 30 hr a week job that is considered full time and a part rime job. I thought that the Lord had kept me at the part time one to fill a full time position that had opened. I did not get that position and am completely heart broken because it is with a company I love and have been with for 5 yrs and the ones that got the job have not even reached there 1 yr mark. I was told it was what would benifit the team the most, now it alos has gotten to my self-esteem. My husband keeps telling to just keep praying and when fear and dought arise to tell myself over and over till it has left that "God is good all the time." Please pray that I can keep strong and an opportunity arise quickly. It is all wearing body greatly and making me have health issues.