I So Badly Need God's Help - Please Pray for Me

G W.
Please Pray for me.  I pray and I pray to God. I so badly need God to help me. I lost my small business a few years ago.  I did get hired by a company that only promotes 20-30 yr old.  I'm in my 60's and get passed over time and time again, so I have no career and at my age.  I work for a not great company with ZERO chance of promotion at my age.  I have tried so hard,  worked so hard and absolutely never call out. I'm always early - work late.  IT SIMPLY FEELS LIKE ITS SIMPLY NOT MEANT FOR ME TO EXPERIENCE HAPPINESS OR SUCCESS ANYMORE. It's been years since I felt like I was a success at anything. I'M GETTING SO TIRED OF LOSING AT EVERYTHING. I try and try and I pray and pray.. and FAIL. I struggled for a few years now and I'm tired, really tired. Outlook is grim. I really need Gods help.