I cherish my Son

Scott S.
Since my son was born I have discovered a new love. I waited to marry and start a family until I was was financially and emotionally ready, I never thought I would divorce. My wife begged me for a divorce and obtained another residence. She confided in CAVA, a non for profit agency for abused women and children. She nor my son has ever been abused by me or anyone that I am aware of. I understand that most of the staff has probably been abused, but that does not justify that they profile every man as the abuser. I have a Christian counselor, Jennifer Motz, in Angola that has told me that I have been abused and that my sons mother continues to abuse me by texts. It is custome for the courts in Steuben county to side for the mother and view the father as the aggressor. In all my life I have never mistreated anyone. In speaking with parents form my sons school, I have met parents that have more time with their children than I do, despite they have criminal records. I see my son 6 overnights in one month. I want to be involved in my sons life. The court appointed counselor could not find any fault in me but said mother should have full custody as I suppressed my childhood issues and those may come out. ( I was adopted at age 13 and I backed over a small girl in 1999 causing her death). These happened 20 and 30 years ago. When I told the counselor that I forgave my birth mom, her reply was, "how could you". Her report waived heavy in court. When I was younger I strayed off my path, I am not perfect, but one thing that I have carried with me all my life, I learn from my mistakes and others and I want to keep my son on his path. I want to thank all those who have prayed for me and my son and ask for continued prayers as I will more than likely go to court alone, trying for equal custody and prevent his mother from leaving the US with our son. I know that if she leaves she will never return and I will never see my son again. I have never seen so much hate in one person as I do my sons mother towards me. I can't imagine when God sacrificed his son for us, how he felt as my heart has been heavy for fear of loosing my son and that he grows up without me.