I have been sick all my life but especially the last 14 months. Nearly died Nov 2014 from pneumonia and have never been able to recover. Now I found I have gastroparesis - a paralyzed stomach that can barely process the food that I am able to eat - which isn't much. I finally found a specialist at Clevelend Clinic and I drive there Monday to see him Tuesday for the first time. That is one answer to prayer but of course do not know what he will find or say Because of all this I have not been doing my job right and have a lot of "brain fog". It is getting so bad I have thought about retirement even though I am not old enough. I have been praying for direction. Friday I had just about reached my brink of screw ups. Friday afternoon I received a job offer -,out of the blue. We both agreed to see what will happen with this doctor and then decide. I know God is a work and we all see it. My prayer request - for this appt and to get help so I don't get put on a feeding tube. And to decide the best choice about this job. That would mean leaving a job after 23 years where I have worked hard and have major responsibilities. thank you for your prayers!!