Healing and strength

Diane P.
I’m in my mid 50s and single and so life’s issues are becoming a bit more challenging. About 16 years ago I had an accident while riding my horse and broke my left arm. The surgeon put a titanium rod down the middle of my arm from shoulder to near elbow. Well, it has recently started bothering me and I have very limited mobility. I can’t lift my arm, only move it at the elbow. It very painful and I’ve had to sleep in a recliner. To make matters worse I lost my job which I started a little over 2 months ago. Since I didn’t have my 90 days probation in yet, and I couldn’t perform all that was required of me because of my bad arm I had to quit or be fired. Now I’m without insurance. I’m going to see the surgeon tomorrow who put the rod in my arm in hopes that he can help me. I’m also going to apply for a less repetitive, lightweight job at a nearby factory today. My friend who works there thinks I can get hired. I pray for guidance and strength from God my Father. I pray that my surgeon can help my arm feel somewhat better until I can get a job and get insurance and have surgery to remove the rod.