I have been unemployed since March due in part to needing to identify the cause of chronic pain and learn how to manage it. Through it all God has helped my family move closer to my family in the Toledo area and sell our house as well as connect me with the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation program at the Cleveland Clinic. I am now working on becoming employed as a LISW, which is my training, here in the greater Toledo area. Additionally, it seems like I am having a hard time in my relationship with God (struggling to accept and receive his grace, hearing from Him, drawing closer to him on a daily basis) - feel selfish about how I unwisely use time throughout each day as well as easily irritated by others. I do seem to find some temporary encouragement from songs such as Danny Gokey's Just have not it yet, Shoulders and Burn the Ships by For King and Country, I am They's Scars, and Rich Mullins' On the verge of a miracle.