Growing faith

Crystal N.
I lost my faith years ago and was spiraling down at a rapid speed. I’ve combated alcohol addition and numerous suicide attempts. I am amazed that I survived the last attempt in 2017. I recently realized that it was by the grace of God that I did survive. It was not my time as He was not ready for me. My faith was not strong enough to be with Him. My restored faith has been growing daily. I believe He has always been by my side, most times He has been carrying me, but I was blinded. I am asking for prayers that my faith will continue to flourish and grow. Prayers that my eyes and heart will remain open so that I may bask in His warmth. He has a plan for me, whether it be to spread the word or to be a helping hand to other in need. Prayers that my faith remains strong and prayers that I can help the many others like me that are in great need of guidance. Thank you and Amen