Giving Opportunities

As an entirely listener-supported Christian radio station, WBCL relies on the generous donations of people like you.  Your support enables WBCL to broadcast the love and hope of Jesus Christ to thousands of listeners 24/7.  

Annual SHARE
Many gifts are pledged to us in this venue, given monthly, quarterly, or annually.  However, you can make a financial donation to WBCL at any time of the year here.

On-going Supporter
By committing to this level, your giving becomes “effort free” as your pledge automatically renews each year, while providing WBCL a vital base of support.

Being an on-going supporter helps us pay routine bills – for electricity, phone service, postage, and so forth.  That’s no trivial matter, either.  By paying our bills on time, we give credence to our Christian ministry.  

Dollar a Day Club

Every ministry needs a core group of donors who keep the cash flow steady – so monthly bills can be paid.  This is the function of our Dollar a Day Club.  

General Gift Giving
Any gift we receive goes a long way toward supporting the ongoing ministry of WBCL radio.  If you would like to pledge, please contact WBCL or complete the online gift/pledge.  

When you complete the online pledge/gift form, you can simplify your giving and not have to worry about renewing your gift year after year? Just indicate that you want to be an On-Going Supporter.  

Day Sponsor
Do you have a special day you’d like to celebrate or someone you’d like to honor or remember?  Maybe you are simply looking for a way to support your station, while sharing your thoughts in this special way.  Let WBCL help you celebrate, honor, remember or simply share your thoughts by becoming a Day Sponsor.  To become a Day Sponsor, please fill out this form or if you need more information, contact Dana Green by e-mail or by phone at 260.745.0576.

Business Partners
Are you a business who would like to support the WBCL ministry and also receive top of mind awareness for your business?  Click here to learn more about Business Partners.

We sincerely thank you and affirm that your donation is a wise investment with significant spiritual returns!