Ron Schneemann

Ron Schneemann
Production Director/Evenings
Intersting facts about me:
  • Married to Lois.  We have two children, Heidi and Sam.
  • How I got into the radio industry:   It all started with a research paper in 7th grade on careers.  I picked forest ranger or DJ.   I used to interview people with my first cassette recorder and pretend to be a DJ.  Playing in a band led to radio.  I'm thankfull I get to do something I really like for a living.
  • Most embarrassing moment:  High School!
  • Memorable moment:  the arrival of our children
  • Favorite scripture:  Romans 8:39
  • Favorite vacation spot:  Lake Michigan
  • Favorite food:  Mexican, Italian, Asian
  • Favorite author/book:  C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolken, Patrick O'Brien  etc...
  • Hobbies:  playing drums, cycling, reading, trying to learn guitar.  I like history and Bible archeology.
  • Dream:  I would love to go to Isreal, Hawaii, Alaska and visit Europe again.