Jim Barron

Jim Barron
Interesting facts about me:
  • Married to Kath and we have 4 children
  • Birthplace: Montpelier, OH.  "OH, I think they tore the hospital down right after that.  I am sure that it was only a coincidence...right?"
  • Most embarrassing moment:  I was doing a magic trick in front of about 6000 people and it went wrong.  It's funny now. :o)
  • Memorable moment:   No doubt the day I got married.  The second one, was holding my dad's hand as he passed on into Heaven.
  • Favorite scripture:   Romans 8:28
  • Favorite food and drink:   Can't beat good ribs and Mountain Dew (I am trying to wean myself off!)
  • Hobbies:  I am an illusionist when I am not on the radio.  It's more like another job than a hobby. 
  • Childhood dream:   I always wanted to be a guy who does magic tricks...funny how things work out...