Summer Book Giveaway!

Here are the books we'll be giving away during Mid-Morning on Wednesday, June 4th! Have your phone handy and spend the hour with us!


Beyond the Brady Bunch - Ray and Debbie Alsdorf (Cook)
Co-Parenting Works! - Tammy Daughtry (Zondervan)
From Santa to Sexting - Brenda Hunter and Kristen Blair (Leafwood)
Parenting the Hurt Child - Gregory Keck and Regina Kupecky (NavPress)
Be the Dad She Needs You to Be - Dr. Kevin Leman (Thomas Nelson)
Mending Fences, Healing Hearts - Dr. Chuck Lynch
Hot Buttons: Dating Edition - Nicole O'Dell (Kregel) 2 copies
A Letter to Evan - Roy Page (Lucid)
No More Perfect Kids - Jill Savage and Kathy Koch (Moody Press)
Soul Shaping - Kimberly Sowell (New Hope)
Raising Your Children's Children - Martha Evans Sparks (Beacon Hill)
Child of Divorce, Child of God (IVP)

Personal Growth

Healing is a Choice - Stephen Arterburn (Thomas Nelson)
The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk - Shelly Beach (Moody Press) 2 copies
The 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom - David Clarke (Barbour)
Spark - Jason Jaggard (Waterbrook)
10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges - Peter Lord (Chosen)
Only God - Dwight Mason (Barbour)
What Your Dreams are Telling You - Cindy McGill (Chosen)
Missing Jesus - Charles and Janet Morris (Moody) 2 copies
Home Run - Kevin Myers and John Maxwell (FaithWords)
What's Best Next - Matt Perman (Zondervan)
When God Vetoes Your Plan - Miracle Reed (WestBow)
Ragged Hope - Cynthia Ruchti (Abingdon)

Setting Boundaries with Food - Allison Bottke (Harvest House)
Press Pause Before You Eat - Dr. Linda Mintle (Howard)
Heal - Allie Marie Smith (Group)
Dating Like Airplanes - Caleb Breakey (Harvest House)
Real Men Don't Text - Ruthie and Michael Dean (Tyndale)
Related by Chance, Family by Choice - Deb DeArmond (Kregel) 2 copies
The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages - Shaunti Feldhahn (Multnomah)
2 Tablets for Your Marriage - Dr. Tony Hart (Gospel Folio Press)
Reconcilable Differences - Virginia Todd Holeman (IVP)
How to Deal with Difficult Relationships - June Hunt (Harvest House)
Elevate Your Marriage - Edward C. Lee (Leisure and Stephens)
Praying God's Word for Your Husband - Kathi Lipp (Revell)
Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room - Dr. Johnny C. Parker, Jr. (LEVB)
31 Days to a Happy Husband - Arlene Pellicane (Harvest House)
Are You Waiting for "The One"? - Margaret Kim Peterson and Dwight N. Peterson (IVP)
Why Can't He Be More Like Me - Poppy Smith (Harvest House)
Reconcilable Differences - Jim Talley (Thomas Nelson) 2 copies
Breaking Up - Stina Wilson (Kregel)
 Called to Stay - Caleb Breakey (Harvest House)
The Pastor's Family - Brian and Cara Croft (Zondervan)
Mixed Ministry - Sue Edwards, Kelley Mathews, Henry J. Rogers (Kregel) 2 copies
Sentness - Kim Hammond and Darren Cronshaw (IVP)
Missional Spirituality - Roger Helland and Leonard Hjalmarson (IVP)
Church Zero - Peyton Jones (Cook)
Connecting Church and Home - Dr. Tim Kimmel (Randall House)
Whole Life Transformation - Keith Meyer (IVP)
I Am A Church Member - Thom S. Rainer (B&H)
Church for the Fatherless - Mark Strong (IVP)

Through the Valley of Deep Darkness - Thomas Arner (Trafford)
The Widow's Might - Dr. Cherie J. Brown (Prayer Closet Publishing)
This Incomplete One - Michael D. Bush (Eerdmans)
Seeing Through the Fog - Ed Dobson (Cook)
The Sweet Side of Suffering  - M. Esther Lovejoy (DHP)
What Do We Tell the Children - Joseph M. Primo (Abingdon)
Bible Study/Spiritual Growth
Desperate for Change - David Butts (Prayer Shop)
Undaunted - Christine Caine (Zondervan)
Leaving Egypt - Chuck DeGroat (Square Inch)
Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults - Richard Dunn and Jana Sundene (IVP)
The Blood Covenant - James Garlow and Rob Price (Beacon Hill)
Unlost - Michael Hidalgo (IVP)
Fed Up with Flat Faith - Kathy Howard (New Hope)
Signature Sins - Michael Mangis (IVP)
Soul Keeping - John Ortberg (Zondervan)
Moms Night Out Devotions - Kerri Pomarolli (B&H)
Anchored in Light - Carl Prude Jr. (Leafwood) 2 copies
Finding Life - Jane Rubietta (WPH) 2 copies
God is Able - Priscilla Shirer (B&H)
Spiritual Direction - Gordon Smith (IVP)
Seeing the Voice of God - Laura Harris Smith (Chosen)
Soul Repair - Jeff VanVonderen, Dale and Juanita Ryan (IVP)
The Actor - Douglas Gardham (iuniverse)
Dog Tags - Heidi Glick (Pelican)
A Cast of Stones - Patrick W. Carr (Bethany House)
The Heart's Pursuit - Robin Lee Hatcher (Zondervan)
Girl on the Golden Coin - Marci Jefferson (Thomas Dunne)
Mom's Night Out - Tricia Goyer (B&H)
Lost in Heaven - Gary W. Livengood (Westbow)
Gideon's Call - Peter Leavell (Worthy)
The Christmas Angel - Jane Maas (Thomas Dunne)
Fearless Hope - Serena B. Miller (Howard)
The Angels Are in Wyoming - G. David Redding (Crossbooks)
When Love Calls - Lorna Seilstad (Revell)

Teens and Tweens
Chasing Jupiter - Rachel Coker (Zondervan)
Graceful - Emily Freeman (Revell)
Body and Soul - Bethany Hamilton (Zondervan)
Live to Give - Austin Gutwein (Thomas Nelson)
Confessions of  Boy-Crazy Girl - Paula Hendricks (Moody) 2 copies
God, Girls and Getting Connected - Robin Marsh and Lauren Nelson (Harvest House) 2 copies
Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story - William Martin (Zondervan)
You are a Prize to Be Won! - Wendy Griffith (Regel)
Shepherding Women in Pain - Bev Hislop (Moody)
Raising Moms - Rhonda H. Kelley (New Hope)
Positive Leadership Principles for Women - Karol Ladd (Harvest House)
Positive Life Principles for Women - Karol Ladd (Harvest House)
Dirty Girls Come Clean - Crystal Renaud (Moody)

Chasing God - Roger Huang (Cook)
Inside The Locker Room  - Ebony Blackmon Humphrey (Creation House)
Stations of the Heart - Richard Lischer (Knopf)
A Higher Call - Adam Makos (Berkley)
Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Charles Marsh (Knopf)
Biking Across America - Paul Stutzman - (Revell)
The Invisible Girls - Sarah Thebarge (Jericho Books) 2 copies
Four Years Out of Heaven - Kelly Tumblin
The Winning Pitch - Jon Burnham (Family Focus USA)
The Face of Christ - Joe Castillo (William and Warren)
The Manual to Manhood - Jonathan Catherman (Revell)
Finding an Unseen God - Alicia Britt Chole (Bethany House)
A Better December - Steven Estes (New Growth)
Grandpa Says - Robert J. Hall (Leafwood) 2 copies
The War on Christmas - Bodie Hodge (Master Books)
Impact - Tim Irwin (BenBella)
The Book of Revelation - Mark Arey (Zondervan)
Encouraged - Brenda Ladun (New Hope)
The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense - Mark Mittelberg (Tyndale)
Bringing Home the Prodigals - Rob Parsons (Authentic)
Successfully Unemployed - Alan G. Sherwood (Oak Tara)
The 21 Day Financial Fast - Michelle Singletary (Zondervan)
Reorient - Kevin Weaver (Uprising)
What's Your Mark?
Captivated DVD