Recipes from Greg Beal


Jane's Jammin' Burritos
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 zucchini, chopped
  • 2 yellow squash, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
  • 3 cups shredded napa cabbage
  • 2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 2 cans fat-free vegetarian refried beans
  • 1 cup cooked brown rice
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 6 large Ezekiel sprouted-grain wraps
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole
Preheat oven to 350º. Sauté the onion and garlic in a large sprayed skillet on high heat for 3 minutes. Add the zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, and cabbage to the skillet. Cook 4–5 minutes, until the vegetables are al dente (soft but firm) and the cabbage is wilting. Add the black beans, refried beans, and rice to the skillet. Stir the ingredients together on low heat until the mixture is thick and mortar-like. Season with the cumin and cayenne.
Slap a large spoonful of veggie mortar onto the center of the Ezekiel wrap and spread it from top to bottom along the center line. Fold the sides over using a bit of the veggie mortar as adhesive for the top flap. Rest the burritos next to each other and place them seam side down on a sprayed baking sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes or until the wraps are crisp.

Serve with salsa and guacamole on top.

Mighty Muffins
Engine 2 Diet, by Rip Esselstyn
  • 3 cups oat bran
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons sweetener
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 large apple, grated
  • 6 brown bananas, lightly mashed (leave some chunks)
  • ¼ cup walnuts, chopped or halved
  • ¼ cup raisins
  • ¾ cup water
Preheat oven to 375º. Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Squeeze the juice of the lemon onto the combined apple and bananas. Add walnuts, raisins, and water. Combine the wet and dry ingredients into one bowl. Pour into sprayed muffin tins and bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Mediterranean Barley Vegetable Stew
published in Fort Wayne News-Sentinel on 1/18/2011
Start to finish: 1 hour
Servings: 6.

2 tablespoons olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 shallots, finely chopped
2 medium yellow onions, diced
28-ounce can chopped tomatoes, preferably fire-roasted
4 cups (1 quart) vegetable broth
2 sprigs fresh rosemary, minced
1 1/2 cups pearl barley
12-ounce jar roasted red peppers, drained and cut into strips
5 ounces fresh baby spinach
1/2 cup castelvetrano olives, pitted and sliced
1 cup water
Salt and ground black pepper, to taste

In a large saucepan over medium, heat olive oil. Add garlic, shallots and onions and saute until soft and translucent, about 6 to 7 minutes. Add tomatoes, broth, rosemary and barley, then bring to a simmer. Cover and continue to cook until barley is tender, about 50 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Stir in roasted red peppers, baby spinach, olives and water. Cook until spinach is wilted, about 2 minutes. Season with salt and black pepper.
Castelvetrano olives are a bright green, buttery Sicilian olive. Many grocers carry them jarred alongside the other olives. If you can't find them, substitute whatever variety you prefer. Adjust the salt after you add the olives, as some are quite salty.

Raise-The-Roof Vegetable Lasagna

from "The Engine 2 Diet" by Rip Esselstyn
makes 10 servings


1 onion, chopped
1 small head of garlic, all cloves chopped or pressed
8 ounces mushrooms, sliced
1 head broccoli, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 red bell peppers, seeded and chopped
1 can corn, rinsed and drained
1 package Silken Lite tofu
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon basil
1 teaspoon rosemary
2 jars pasta sauce
2 boxes whole grain lasagna noodles
16 ounces frozen spinach, thawed and drained
2 sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed
6 roma tomatoes, sliced thin
1 cup raw cashews, ground

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

Sauté the onion and garlic on high heat for 3 minutes in a wok or nonstick pan. Add the mushrooms and cook until the onions are limp and the mushrooms give up their liquid. Remove them to a large bowl with a slotted spoon. Reserve the mushroom liquid in the pan. Sauté the broccoli and carrots for 5 minutes and add to the mushroom bowl. Sauté the peppers and corn until just beginning to soften. Add them to the vegetable bowl.

Drain the silken tofu by wrapping in paper towels. Break it up directly in the towel and mix into the vegetable bowl. Add spices to the vegetable bowl and combine.

To assemble the vegetable lasagna :
Cover the bottom of a 9-by-13-inch casserole with a layer of sauce. Add a layer of noodles. Cover the noodles with sauce. This way the noodles cook in the oven, saving time and energy. Spread the vegetable mixture over the sauced noodles. Cover with a layer of noodles and another dressing of sauce. Add the spinach to the second layer of sauced noodles. Cover the spinach with the mashed sweet potatoes. Add another layer of sauce, the final layer of noodles, and a last topping of sauce. Cover the lasagna with thinly sliced roma tomatoes.
Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 45 minutes. Remove the foil, sprinkle with the cashews, and return to the oven for 15 minutes. Let lasagna sit for 15 minutes before serving.


Cranberry Orange Nut Muffins

from "Vegan Brunch" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Da Capo Press, 2009 

1 C    All Purpose Flour
1 C     Whole Wheat Flout
2 t     Baking Powder
1/2 t    Baking Soda
1/2 t   salt
1 C   Fresh Orange Juice
1/2 C   Canola Oil
2 T   Orange Zest
2 t  vanilla extract
1/4   t almond extract
1 1/2 C   fresh cranberries roughly chopped
1 C   pecans roughly chopped

Preheat oven to 375 F. Lightly grease a muffin tin.

Mix together flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt. In separate bowl mix together joice, oil, zest, vanilla and almond extracts. Stir into flour mixture, then fold in cranberries and pecans. Spoon into muffin tin. Bake 23-27 minutes. Makes 12 muffins.

Scrambled Tofu

from "Vegan Brunch" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Da Capo Press, 2009

Spice Blend
2 t ground cumin
1 t dried thyme, crushed with fingers
1/2 t ground turmeric
1 t salt
3 T water

For the Tofu
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 small onion, finely diced
2 T olive oil
1 pound extra firm tofu, drained
1/4 C nutritional yeast
1 C thinly sliced mushrooms
1/2 regular size carrot, grated
1 C fresh spinach

Blend the spices and salt together in small cup, stir in water, set aside.

Pre-heat large, heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat. Saute onion in olive oil for one minue, add garlic for another minute. Break tofu into bite-size pieces into pan, add mushrooms, and saute for 10-15 minutes stirring frequently. Use a thin metal spatula to scrap tofu off bottom of pan. Need to be patient, and let cook, will get crispy bits after about 10 minutes. Add carrot, cook for another 5 minutes. Add spice mix and stir to combine. Add nutritional yeast, stir, then stir in spinach leaves and cook till wilted. 2-3 servings.


Engine 2 Three Bean Chili
from Engine 2 Diet

  • 1 large 0nion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
  • 2 stalks celery, chopped
  • 2 carrots, chopped
  • 1 cup chopped mushrooms
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, chopped small
  • 1 can kidney beans, rinsed, drained
  • 1 can black beans, rinsed, drained
  • 1 can garbanzo beans, rinsed, drained
  • 3 C water
  • 2 - 28oz cans plum tomatoes, with juice, chopped
  • 1 - 6oz can tomato paste
  • 1 pound firm tofu, crumbled
  • 1 can corn
  • 1 apple, peeled, cored, and chopped
  • 2 T chli powder
  • 2 t ground coriander
  • 2 T Dijon mustard
  • 1 T Blackstrap Molasses
  • 1/2 C chopped cilantro
  • salt & pepper to taste


Saute onion on medium high heat in a large sprayed soup pot for 5 minutes. Add garlic, bay leaves, bell peppers, celery, carrots, mushrooms, and jalapeno. Cook on medium for 5 more minutes. Add beans, water, tomatoes, paste, tofu, corn, apple, and remaining seasonings, mustard, molasses, and cilantro. Cover and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with cornbread.

Mango Lassi  (smoothie) 

2 Mangoes, peeled, cubed and frozen (about 3 cups)
1 C nondairy milk
1 container nondairy yogurt (preferably coconut)
2-3 T agave nectar
¼ teaspoon ground cardamon

 Add everything to blender and puree until smooth




Kale Chips

1 bunch Kale
1 T olive oil
1 T apple cider vinegar
salt for seasoning

De-stem the kale and rip into large pieces. In a bowl combine with oil and vinegar. Spread on oven pan and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes until looks crispy without burning. Season with salt and or garlic power

Drink Your Greens Smoothie
 from "Eat, Drink & Be Vegan" by Dreena Burton

1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 cup water
1+1/4 cups frozen sliced bananas
1 cup dinosaur or curly green kale (stems removed and chopped)
1/4-1/3 cup ripe avocado
1/2 cup cantelope, honeydew, or mango chopped
1-2 tablespoons agave nectar or honey

Blend all ingredients together except the agave. Puree until very smooth and only small specks of kale are visible. Taste test and add agave as desired. Add extra juice or water if too thick.

Jalapeno Garlic Grits
from "Vegan Brunch" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

1 cup dry grits, cooked according to package
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
6 garlic cloves minced
3 jalapenos, seeded and thinly sliced
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast (optional)

In saucepot over medium heat, saute garlic and jalapenos in oil for 3 minutes, until garlic is lightly browned. Mix in cooked grits, along with salt and nutritional yeast (if using). Taste for salt. Keep covered until ready to serve.

Easy Miso Soup

4 cups veggie broth (prefer made from Better Than Bouillon vegetable base)
1/2 tablespoon dried wakame
1/2 cup cubed firm tofu
1 carrot peeled and shredded
5-6 mushrooms sliced (shitake, baby portobello, etc.)
1 tablespoon chopped dry onion
1/2 chopped garlic
3-4 tablespoons red miso paste

Hydrate wakame according to package directions. Heat veggie broth to light boil. Add tofu, carrot, mushrooms, onion, garlic, wakame, and cook for 5 minutes. Mash and stir miso paste into small bowl with 1/2 cup water until dissolved. Remove soup from heat and let cool enough so there's no boil. Stir in miso and serve in bowls. Miso will "flower" in the bowl.

Coffee White Chocolate Muffins
from "Vegan Brunch" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

1 cup chocolate soy milk
1 heaping tablespoon instant coffee
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
2 cups white whole wheat flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375. Grease 12 muffin tin. In larger measuring cup, measure out chocolate soy milk, stir in instant coffee to dissolve, add cider vinegar and let sit to curdle a bit. Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Stir canola oil and vanilla into milk mixture. Stir into flour mixture without overmixing. Fold in white chips. Spoon into muffin tins. Bake for 22 to 26 minutes. Cool on racks.

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge
makes 4 servings

2 cups water
1 cup quinoa, rinsed
½ teaspoon cinnamon
½ cup chopped dried apricots
¼ cup sliced almonds

Bring water to a boil, and add quinoa. Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes. Add cinnamon and apricots, and simmer until water is absorbed. Add the almonds. Serve with milk, soy milk or cream, and sweeten to taste with honey or brown sugar.

Savory Lentils and Greens
from "The Engine 2 Diet" by Rip Esselstyn
makes 10 servings

2 medium onions, chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
4 tomatoes, chopped
2 ½ cups lentils
5 cups vegetable broth
5 cups water
ground pepper to taste
2 large heads of leafy greens chopped into bite size pieces (kale, collards, spinach, etc.)

In a large soup pot, add onion, celery, garlic, and carrots and stir-fry over low heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the tomatoes and stir-fry for 5 more minutes. Add the lentils, broth, water and pepper, and bring pot to a boil uncovered over high heat. Cover, turn the heat down, and simmer for 45 minutes. Add the greens and simmer for another 10 minutes. Serve with whole grain bread or toast.


 Ginger-Macadamia-Coconut-Carrot Cake
from "Vegan with a Vengeance" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

2 1/3 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
¾ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground or freshly grated nutmeg
1 cup pineapple juice
½ cup canola oil
¾ cup sugar
½ cup pure maple syrup
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup macadamia nuts, roughly chopped
¼ cup crystallized ginger, chopped
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
2 cups carrots, grated

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Have ready two 8-inch cake pans lightly greased.
In a large mixing bowl sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and ground spices.
In a separate large mixing bowl, mix together the pineapple, oil sugar, maple syrup, and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients to the wet in batches, and combine well with a hand mixer or strong fork. Fold in the macadamias, ginger, coconut, and carrots.
Divide the batter between the two round cake pans and bake for 40 to 45 minutes. Let cool in pans. Remove from pans and put a layer of coconut frosting between the two layers, and another layer of frosting on top.

¼ cup nonhydrogenated margarine at room temperature
¼ cup coconut milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups confectioners sugar, sifted
1 cup unsweetened coconut

Cream the margarine until light and fluffy. Add the coconut milk and vanilla and combine. Add the confectioners sugar and mix with electric mixer until smooth. Add the unsweetened coconut and combine. Refrigerate until ready to use.