Nab A Book!

How would you like to nab a few books
 to read this summer?
Each week during BLT, we'll have a packet of books to give away...
and it's pretty simple to win!
All you have to do is...
send an email during BLT to,
put NAB in the subject line,
and include the following things:
Bit of info in answer to the question of the week.
This week's book packet is called "Wisdom in the Word"
and winners will receive their choice of the following Bibles:
The Jesus Bible - NIV 
The Story: Going Deeper - NIV
Young Women of Faith Bible - NIV 
Answer this bit of information in your email:
Which Bible would you like to win?
We'll draw three winners from the emails and notify them of their win by 4:00 p.m!