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Here is the recipe for the danish Bekah talked about during BLT on November 13!

 EWG's Food Scores app rates 80,000+ grocery store foods on nutrition, food additives, and how processed the food is. The free app offers on-demand info at the smartphone scan of a barcode. No app? The same info is on EWG's website.

Dr. Michelle Watson
 (Dad, Here's What I Really Need From You) encourages dads to reinforce their daughter's identity - & who she is - by highlighting the meaning of her name in notes, texts and letters. Go to Babyhold.com or name-meanings.com to learn the meaning of your daughter's name.    

How does your "movement age" compare with your actual age? Take the test Kerri Zurbuch discussed on November 4, and learn how to move properly to prevent injuries. 
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Coming up next: We celebrate the season of thankfulness by allowing you to share what you're thankful for this year!
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 "Change occurs at the intersection of hope and opportunity."
~ Rob Ketterling ~
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