Summer Sticker Stops / Red Cross Comfort Kit Outreach


WBCL is partnering with the Red Cross during the Summer Sticker Stops.  Depending on the stop location items will be collected for Red Cross Comfort kits.  In September as a part of Preparedness Month all the collected items and kits will be delivered to Red Cross.


Time  City, State
Red Cross Collection Items
June 19th
2pm  - 6pm  Auburn,IN twin blade razors
shaving gel
July 10th
2pm  - 6pm
NW Ft. Wayne, IN
individual adult and kids tooth brushes, safety caps, toothpaste .85oz size for adults, .6oz size for kids
 July 24th
2pm  - 6pm
Bryan, OH
4oz size liquid soap, 2oz size hand & body lotions, bar soap (small size)
Aug 7th
2pm  - 6pm
SW FT. Wayne, IN
8oz shampoo (for adults), 2oz shampoo (for kids)
Aug  16th
2pm  - 6pm
Bluffton, IN
5oz stick deodorant, travel size tissues
Aug  21st
2pm -  6pm NE Ft. Wayne,IN
terry washcloths, 7 inch & 5 inch unbreakable combs, small crayon packs


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