Request for Promotion


Due to the large number of requests that WBCL Radio Network receives from organizations and ministries who desire promotion of their events, it is essential that each request be submitted in writing.  Each request is reviewed by the WBCL Promotions team.

WBCL Guidelines for Promotional Consideration:

  • Concerts - The artist must be one that we currently play on the air.
  • Church Events - While it is preferred that at least three churches collaborate for sponsorship consideration of  a concert/event, WBCL will consider an event brought in by a church with an average attendance of 500 or more.  Co-sponsorship is based upon the potential appeal of the event, not the sponsoring churches.
  • General Event Information:
    • The event must be held in the WBCL geographical listening area.
    • The event must appeal to the greater WBCL listening audience.
  • Fundraisers - ie…walks, banquets (This partnership, if offered, is offered on a limited basis to organizations within the geographical listening area and is selected based on a WBCL broad coverage area appeal.  Also, if approved there is limited promotion detailed on a case by case decision.)
  • All event requests must be submitted for consideration no later than 8 weeks prior to the event.