WBCL Let's Build a Home Project


Walls are up, stairs are going in and work on framing the second floor is getting underway. The best part is that it is starting to look like a house. Lisa’s house in fact!

Unfortunately, progress has been a little slower than anticipated due to work days being shortened or canceled because of weather. Additionally, progress is slow because we need more hands helping build! As a result multiple build days have been added to our schedule. If you have already volunteered or have been thinking about it, now is the time to sign up!

You can sign up to be a Construction Volunteer or be a food donor, supplying meals for the volunteers on the day or days of your choice. You can also sign up for just a half a day.

As a Construction Volunteer, you’ll get your hands dirty as you help hammer, paint, cut and physically build the house as guided by the crew leader. Although it can be physically demanding, it is incredibly rewarding!

As a Food Donor, you’ll provide nourishment for volunteers and builders as well as create an opportunity for fellowship and conversation.

Check out the WBCL Build dates for October and select the day or days that work for you.
When signing up, you will be asked for a JOIN CODE...
leave blank, click NEXT and continue registering.

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