Previous Outreach Ministries

WBCL Listeners have met needs at the following organizations during past focus efforts. Please contact these organizations about their ongoing ministries

In 2013 WBCL partnered with TWR to help get Radio Church Kits to China.  The project was able to supply China with 259 Radio Church Kits.  The total cash donations came to $19,434.  

 In 2012 WBCL partnered with the Red Cross to collect items or cash for Red Cross Comfort Kits.  We were able to assembly 300 total kits.  100 for male adults, 100 for female adults and 100 for kids.  The total cash donation collected was $1,1175.

Remember that even though this project is completed you can always donate blood to the Red Cross.

On November 11, 2011 WBCL partnered with Faith Come By Hearing collected cash donations to provide the Word of God to a military man or woman with a BibleSticks.WBCL listeners donated $28,650 and that will deploy 1,146 BibleSticks to our troops around the world!!  

Kate's Kart

 In June 2010, WBCL partnered with Kate’s Kart, collecting NEW children’s books (and cash donations) to be distributed to kids at area hospitals. WBCL listeners donated over 400 books for Kate's Kart. Thank you for your participation in the outreach and for the cash donations.



Rescue Ministries

WBCL listeners responded to our Spring 2010 Project by donating over 4,962 items and $896 cash support Fort Wayne Rescue Ministries.

  For our Winter 2009 Project, WBCL listeners donated 123 Hams; 25 Turkeys; over $6800 in cash and over 1500 lbs of non-perishables for food banks in NE Indiana, Southern Michigan, NW and West Central Ohio! Over 1,200 family meals!