Drive Thru Difference

 Drive Thru Difference
Drive Thru Difference
Here’s a great (andrive thru differenced simple) way for you to be involved in WBCL’s “Drive Thru Difference” Random Act of Kindness (RAK) outreach.  Read some of the stories below.

Download the appropriate flier for your listening area and keep copies in your car.  When you “feel the nudge,” simply tell the cashier at the drive-thru window that you want to pay for the car behind you, and then ask them to pass on the flyer. 

The sky’s the limit on the potential for the ripple effect of this effort.  We hope to hear stories from you and your recipients submitted below.  Use your imagination and practice RAK as the “hands and feet” of Jesus.  Whether at the drive-thru or at an inside counter, we hope you’ll take advantage of this fun opportunity to touch someone’s life and make a difference!

Listening Area "Drive Thru Difference" Flyers
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Brenda, June 15
My granddaughter Audrey is 16 and was on her way to work when she stopped at a subway on dupont road. To her surprise the car in front of her paid for her sandwich. She was so touched by this random act of kindness. She will definitely be paying this forward. Thank you WBCL for ministering to the community in such wonderful ways!
Kati, July 20

I actually work at a local McDonalds. This act of kindness does not only positively affect the person who has their order paid for, it is a blessing to those of us in the window who get to pass on the message. Seeing the reaction is such a blessing!!! I have been able to experience this many, many times. The best part is when the person who has been paid for originally offering to pay for the person behind them and so on. I was lucky enough to witness a 10 person chain!!!! I could not believe it and was very sad (and slightly disappointed) when the chain was broken but it was amazing to see!!!

Amy, October 11

My mom passed away 22days ago. She didn't have insurance I did everything preparing her funeral including coming up with the money from all kinds of places. But I was totally broke after the funeral. Still haven't paid all my bills for this month. My mom would often send me money and tell me to treat myself to lunch...So today I was counting my coins and I decided to go get a taco at taco bell I had 3 dollars in coins. The drive thru line was long. I remember looking at all the cars, but can't remember how the car in front of me looked. When I got to the window the cashier told me the lady in front of me paid for my food. The cashier said she asked the lady if she knew me and the lady said no. The cashier also ask the lady's name and the lady said Amber. I was in shock. I never heard of this before. And I believe my mom sent Amber as a guardian angel for my mom. I live in a small town called Wasco,Ca. I wish I could talk to Amber and find her. But I'm not sure if she lives in Wasco. She brought tears of joy :)God Bless
Elaine, Aug 9
This after noon I stopped by my friends place of employment to see how she was doing, because I have not heard from her for about a month or so. (she had no minutes on her phone).  I stopped to get lunch for us, she only has 1/2 hour lunch, at the Coliseum/ft wayne travel plaza Mc Donalds. It was a very long drive through line and people were pulling in from all directions if you know what I mean. So there was a Honda I let proceed in front of me in the line. The lady in the Honda to my surprise was the benefactor for my friend and I. So when I got back with the lunch I showed my friend the letter given to me by the drive through cashier and she was vey surprised and had never heard of anyone doing this for a complete stranger. So if you read this I would like to thank-you for brightening up our day. PS I have made copies for my husband he does for people from time to time.
Kendra, June 25
After work I stopped at McDonald's and felt that little nudge to pay for the person behind me. Although I did not have the "Drive through Difference" paper I told the cashier to tell the person to pay it forward and to have them look at my window sticker. It was a blessing to see the person’s reaction in the mirror. She waved with a big smile on her face. I waved as I pulled away & prayed to thank Jesus for nudging me.
February 22

I was the recipient. I was going through the drive thru at DQ in Kendallville and I had just had a little conversation with God about some things. I noticed the WBCL sticker on the back of the car in front of me and I was thinking we were probably listening to the same station. When I got up to the window the lady said that the car in front of me had paid for mine. It was such a nice thing to have happen. It was like God was telling me, through their decision to do that, not to worry, I'm here and I will guide you through everything and he did it by treating me to a sundae. He is awesome!

Andrea, November 26
I work at a McDonald's in West Central Ohio! I have witnessed this happen numerous times. It always throws me off guard when the person asks to pay for the meal of the car behind them. However, when that person pulls up and I tell them that their meal has been paid for just to confused look on their faces makes me smile. They always leave in a smile wondering why did that person just do something so nice! Keep this going. I believe it does make a difference in others lives!

Kathryn, November 5 
After a very busy Monday morning at work, I decided to step out for a quick lunch and breath of fresh air, and was blessed with encouragement. Because of a broken foot, I went through the only drive-thru in our town and was extremely surprised to find that the customer before me had already paid for my order. This thoughtful choice is a blessing that I intend to pass along to others.

Michele, October 25
A few times a year I take the time to thank those that I do business with by surprising them with a homemade treat. It is my way of showing them how much I appreciate the kind customer service I get from them that always comes with a smile. So today I took time to treat the gals at my credit union, where I buy my 5 gallon jugs of water and the ladies at the gas company. I also left on a friend's back porch an item I had borrowed from her along with this same treat as a surprise to thank you. Each time I did this, the person smiled with surprise and thanked me graciously. It made me feel good that I could show an act of kindness to them as they had to me so many times.

After a long day of errands and delivering treats, I was in a hurry with no time to fix dinner before spending time with my grandkids tonight. I stopped at the Kewpee Hamburger Restaurant in Lima, OH to pick up dinner. The white pick up truck in front of me seemed to be taking a little extra time at the window. As I checked my watch one more time, he drove away. Knowing exactly what my meal was going to cost me, I had my money ready. As I pulled to the window, I was handed my dinner bag and a piece of paper. I passed her my money and she said, "OH NO!" I thought, what do you mean, "OH NO? I have the correct amount right here." That's when she told me, "The gentleman in front of you paid for your order and wanted me to pass this note to you to explain why."

My day of showing an act of kindness to so many turned on me with an act of kindness shared by a stranger in front of me. HOW AWESOME OF A DAY TODAY TURNED OUT TO BE!
Thank you, stranger, for putting a smile on my face today with your act of kindness to me.

Libby, October 3
I am a nursing student and after a long day of clinicals, after picking up my two kids we went to Arby's in Fairfield Township,Oh for dinner. I pulled up to the window to pay and they told me the lady in front of me payed for our meal! I couldn't believe it and I don't think they could either, it made my whole week! I am so glad there are still kind people out there and I'm so glad my kids got to see that too!! Thank you so much for your kindness!! I will be passing it along!
Jessica, June 4
At Dairy Queen in Lindstrom, Minnesota I was going thru the drive-thru to get a chocolate dipped cone. I pull up to pay, and the lady working said "This will probably be as surprising to you as it is to me, but that guy ahead of you just paid for your food. I've never seen anyone do that here before" and I didn't know what to say! I was so curious to why he had done it. But I was very thankful that he did, it really did make my whole week. 
Ashley, May 3
You guys are making a difference! This is such a neat ministry you have going on! As I pulled up to the drive thru to pay for my meal at McDonald's the cashier said your good...the lady paid for your meal! Enjoy your day! This brightened up my day! A little bit of kindness can go a long ways! God Bless!
Tim, April 3
I have always wanted to bless somebody with a drive thru difference for past couple of years, but always found an excuse not to. On April 3, I went thru the drive thru at Arby's in Celina Ohio on my lunch break. As I went to pay, the young gentleman at the window told me that the car in front of me paid for my lunch. He asked if I knew who that was in front of me and I told him, "No but God was Great!!!!" It's amazing how a $5 meal can change whole day and attitude. I look forward to repaying the good deed and not make excuses the next time.
Thank You so much to the person who bought my meal that day. You brought life and gratefulness that lasted that whole entire week! God Bless you and God is Good!
Jamie, December 14
My husband and I took our 3 kids to Outback Steakhouse to use a gift card that we had for about a year. We were having a good time and a couple from the booth behind us had left and after awhile the waitress came to us and said that the gentleman and his wife had paid for our whole meal. It was a complete shock and my daughter and I actually cried. What a tremendous gift to give to us. In response to the giving spirit we then gave our gift card to the waitress and told her to pass it on to the next person to "our" booth. We were not given the paper that WBCL has to share and we did not have one ourselves, but wanted to bless someone else the way that God blessed us!
Barbara, October 20
Thank you to the young lady that paid for our lunch at Macdonald's today. You brought a lot of sunshine into a cloudy day and we will pass it on.
Chris, September 16
This happened to me today! After I placed my order at the drive thru this morning at Mickey D's, I pulled up to the window to pay and the little girl said, "The lady in front of you paid for your breakfast." Lots of thoughts went thru my head in a split second. Was this an error the cashier had made? Was this someone I know? I asked the cashier, "Did she do this on purpose? She smiled and said "Yes!". I thought, wow! What a nice thing to do. She drove off ahead of me. Didn't wave at me...didn't stop to chat...just drove away. I have thought of nothing else all day. Something as simple as a 3 dollar breakfast can really make someone's day. I can't wait to pass it on!

Tena, July 27
For about the past year now, and when I have the extra money, when I go thru Starbucks drive thru I will pay for the person behind me. I usually leave a card that says "This one is on me Have a blessed Day!" I love to do those kinds of things! They don't know me and they are being blessed by the Lord thru me. For the past week I have been feeling depressed a little because of my situation with the pain and such. I decided to go to Starbucks to get a large coffee and buy a bottle of their Vanilla Syrup. I noticed that someone had pulled up behind me and decided to pay for their purchase. Well I couldn't find my little card nor could I find a piece of paper. I had someone in front of me getting her order so I had some time to look but found nothing. When I pulled up to the window I asked the Starbucks employee how much the car behind me owed for her purchase. She told me and I told her to put it on my tab. I asked for a piece of paper so I could write down my little saying lol. The employee looked at me and smiled and said "you know that's funny." I asked what she meant and she told me that the lady in front of me paid for my purchase! I couldn't believe it! I asked her to repeat what she just said to make sure I heard right and sure enough that wonderful person in front of me paid for my purchase. I instantly started crying in joy. God knew I needed a reminder that He is in fact watching over me and doesn't have me on a shelf. He blessed me through that wonderful lady. Well I still paid for the person behind me and asked the employee to give her the paper I wrote on and drove away praising God once again for His love and for His blessings! And as I write this I am also thinking about those times when we are waiting in the drive thru and sometimes become upset with the person in front of us because they are not moving as fast as we think they should..they are taking too long with their order...or "why in the world is she talking to the cashier just get your stuff and go!" I didn't feel that way today but just remember not only is that person a child of God but they may be paying for your purchase too. And that is why they are taking so long. And even if they aren't paying for your purchase we need to be patient and loving just as Christ is. I just wanted to share this wonderful story with you all. God bless you all and when you can be a blessing to someone you don't know.

Bonnie, December 16
I took my grandson for breakfast at Bob Evans.  As we were finishing, our waitress came to us and said there would be no bill for us as a "special angel" paid for our breakfast.  Thank you "special angel".  I will do this for someone too.

Yuri, December 3
I was at Starbucks, with my friend, and little sister; we ordered two tall Fraps. While waiting for approximately 5 minutes, we pulled up to the window with our money, and the employee told us that the lady in front of us had already paid for our order. I just want to THANK the lady in the dark blue Honda, God Bless. I will keep this going.

Tammy, November 18
I was at Kewpee today and ordered 3 sandwiches, 3 fries, 3 malts had my money ready. I wanted to get out of there. The line was long and when I got up to pay, the lady said the guy in front of me paid for my order, then she had handed me a note. I was in such shock I turned the wrong way out and forgot where is was going for a minute. Then i called my husband and my kids to tell them what had just happened. I want to thank the guy in front of me for our meal and introducing this to me. I am very grateful and will pay it forward. I'm gonna write my letter tonight, my kids said they are going to do the same. THANK YOU to the stranger in the white truck. God Bless You.                                  

Jean, October 8
I have made it a habit to do the drive thru difference at least every other week. However several weeks ago I was rewarded by a free meal-Thanks to the nice gentleman ahead of me at Subway. What a nice blessing to be on the receiving end.

Erik, April 23
I did my first foray into the Drive Through Difference today (well, actually my second; the first one I did was spontaneous and I didn't have the flyer handy), and it was exhilarating to be able bless someone with a free order and the flyer!  I was a little nervous (in fact my foot was shaking on the gas pedal as I pulled into the drive thru), but when I drove off and saw Tony at BK hand the flyer and the free meal to the car behind me, I felt like praising God (so I did)!    What a wonderful concept!  I think I'll do it again (and again and again and again...)  God bless all of you at WBCL!  You DEFINITELY have made a WONDERFUL difference in my life, that's for sure!  Have fun!

Bonnie, March 25
I had just enough time to drive thru McDonald's and buy a cup of coffee on my way to work.  I was in luck---only one vehicle in line in front of me---I would have plenty of time to get my coffee and still get to work on time.  Or so I thought!  Why was the guy in the truck in front of me so slow?  It looked like he paid for his food.  Why wasn't he moving forward?  Finally, the girl in the window is taking his money.  I was sure he had already paid, but guess I was wrong.  I caught myself feeling perturbed and looked away so hopefully he would not know I was irritated with how long he was taking.  Time to look back.  Okay, the girl has handed him change.  Now what?? He handed a paper back to her!
Okay, he's finally moving forward!  Thank you God, maybe I can still get to work on time!  Of course by now, I have my money counted out down to the penny.  Wait a minute, the girl in the window is telling me the guy in front of me already paid for mine and asked that she give me this paper!! WBCL is my favorite station so of course I have heard about this, but now I am part of it.  Thank you Rob, for the cup of coffee.  You made my day and I will pay it forward! 

Douglas, January 6
I was at a local drive thru today. I ordered my food and was about to pull forward when I looked in my rear view mirror and in the car behind me I saw a young man and his 2 children. I had printed out a piece of paper from the WBCL web site sometime ago but never used it. That paper made my day today. It is called "The Drive Through Difference" When I got to the window I told the cashier (a young lady about 20 or so)that I wanted to pay for the car behind me and I got the strangest look. She said "are you serious?" I said yes. She told me the total, which was just over $10.00, I paid and had to pull ahead and wait on my order. The next thing I knew, the young man behind me was tapping on my window. He told me over and over thank you, he said that he was recently divorced and laid off from his full time job and was treating his children to a "day out". They were getting some dollar menu food and going to the park. The cashier brought my order to me and the young man turned to me with tears in his eyes and thanked me again for making he and his kids day and restoring his faith in humanity, I thought the cashier was going to break down and cry right there in the parking lot. They both thanked me again and I headed off to work. My day was now a great day.
Make someone's something for doesn't have to cost anything. just smile and say hi to someone on the street, in your apartment building, in your office...I'll bet it makes their day and I know you'll feel better.