China Radio Church Kits Project


Thank you to everyone who participated in China Radio Church Kits Project. The partnership between WBCL and TWR was a great success and will provide much needed Radio Church Kits (RCKs) to one of the fastest growing Christian Communities in the world. The project was able to supply China with 259 RCKs.  The total cash donations came to $19,434. Thank you again for making this outreach project a success.
     Since the project began in 1994, TWR has distributed more than 112,000 RCKs to house church networks inside China. With so many coming to Christ without the guidance of experienced believers, more kits are needed every year to combat false doctrines and raise up new leaders.

Because you gave
  • You made it possible for people to hear great Christian radio.
  • You play an important part of what God is doing to change lives throughout China.
  • Your partnership extends beyond your own backyard reaching hearts eager to embrace Jesus.
  • Your gifts are tax-deductible
About TWR
Speaking fluently in more than 200 languages, TWR exist to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Our global media outreach engages millions in 160 countries with biblical truth. Since 1952, God has enabled TWR to help lead people from doubt to decision to discipleship.

The Opportunity
TWR has committed to raise $235,300 in the U.S. to provide for the distribution of Radio Church Kits in China. The cost for each kit is $75.00, which includes $12.50 toward airtime of discipleship and training programming. Will you prayerfully consider how God might use you to help meet this important need?

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