WBCL Text Alerts for Non-Profits

WBCL offers text alert services to Non-Profits!
This allows your organization to send an unlimited number of texts to an unlimited number of people who sign up to receive your texts. This extends the reach to your staff or volunteers outside your office walls all at once. You have the possibility of creating different groups for your organization too. 
An approved point-person(s) will have a log in account to send messages from anywhere or they can be pre-scheduled 24/7.  For example, if a you need an extra volunteer for Thursday's event you can send out a message to all with an attached phone number they can call right back to fill the open spot.

Our intent is to offer a texting service that is
affordable for non-profits. The last thing we want to do is gouge your budget so we are offering this text alert service at very reasonable annual rates based upon annual budget.
Purchase Text Alerts for Non-Profits

If you have any questions about the texting service, please contact Jeri at 260.745.0576.