Want to improve your marriage? Turn off the TV! Show Notes

Friday, October 19, 2012 Host(s): Dr. Bill Maier
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Want to keep romance alive? Well then, turn off your TV!

According to a story at PluggedIn.com, Dr. Jeremy Osborn of Albion College recently conducted a study comparing our TV viewing habits to our level of marital satisfaction and commitment. 

Dr. Osborn evaluated data from 390 married couples. He found that the more a person believes television's depictions of romantic relationships, the less likely they are to stay committed to their own real-world partners.

He says "We live in a society that perpetually immerses itself in media images from both TV and the Web, but most people have no sense of the ways those images are impacting them

Dr. Osborn believes it’s is important for Americans to have a sense of what factors are leading to the failure of so many relationships.

He says that the unrealistic portrayals of couples on TV actually cause some people to be less committed to their spouses. They also start thinking that “alternatives” to their spouse are relatively attractive.

Dr. Osborn says “My hope would be that people would read this article and take a look at their own relationships and the relationships of those around them. How realistic are your expectations for your partner and where did those expectations come from?"

By the way, if you’re married and would like to improve your relationship, let me recommend an excellent book. It’s called “The Power of Commitment” and it’s written by Dr. Stanley from the University of Denver. 

Dr. Stanley is one of the top marital researchers in the country, and his book is easy to read and filled with great insights. It also addresses one of the thorniest issues plaguing our society—the increasing number of young people who are choosing to live together without getting married.

I’m Bill Maier for WBCL.

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