“Touched by An Angel” Star Shares God’s Love with Preschoolers Show Notes

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Host(s): Dr. Bill Maier
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She’s not an angel, but she played one on TV. And now she’s produced a DVD series to teach preschoolers about God’s love.

Do you remember the TV show “Touched by an Angel” that was popular about 10 years ago? The lead role in that show was played by Irish actress Roma Downey. 

Roma is a Christian and the mother of three kids, and she’s just released a animated DVD series called “Little Angels.” 

The series follows two four-year-old twins, Alex and Zoe who have eight little angels watching over them from the ceiling of their nursery.

When their parents aren't around, the angels come to life to help Alex and Zoe overcome daily challenges by drawing upon Christian principles.

Downey says her role as Monica on "Touched by an Angel" inspired the series.

She told ChristianPost.com “I thought wouldn't it be marvelous if we had a faith-based series for very young children?' They are such sponges at this age and there’s such an opportunity to sow seeds of faith in our little children."

Downey has been working on the series for the past 18 months, and she hopes the DVDs will be a catalyst for parents to start having faith conversations with their preschoolers.

By the way, the MOPS ministry (Mothers of Preschoolers) has awarded the series their official Seal of Approval.

You can learn more about the series at littleangels.com

I’m Bill Maier for family-friendly, commercial free, WBCL.

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