Teen Sex and Dating

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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Are you worried about your teenagers and how they’re going to survive the dating scene of this culture? A frighteningly high percentage of teens are sexually active before they leave high school – and the number draws higher still before college graduation. How can we reach this generation of teens with biblical answers to dating, sexting and hooking up? Youth pastor and national speaker Andy Braner (An Expose on Teen Sex and Dating: What’s Really Going On and How to Talk About It…NavPress, ISBN# 978-1615219230) and Remedy Live’s Clinton Faupel join Lynne to explain the current dating scene and teens’ thought processes on sex and dating. They’ll equip you with tools for building relationships with teens and offer advice on how to teach true intimacy, purity, redemption and integrity in dating.
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