Spots and Spotlights

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Host(s): Lynne Ford and Bekah Shaffer
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Most people hide in basements during tornado warnings, but Keith Koteskey, pastor of Avalon Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, does just the opposite. This pastor who hobbies as a storm chaser brings his stories to our August Spots and Spotlights show! Jody McNelis and Roberta Baker, creators of the Crops of Luv Scrapbooks share how these works of art bless families with ill children. Lori Bredemeier introduces us to the darling food-lookalike teething rings called AppeTEETHERS. Did you know there’s an internet cat video festival? Scott Stulen explains how it began and why it’s so well-loved that it’s back for a second year!! And Joanne Boldblum, executive director of the National Diaper Bank Network shares about a chance to be involved in helping needy families get diapers for their kids!
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