Spots and Spotlights

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Host(s): Lynne Ford and Bekah Freelan
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We open our October Spots and Spotlights show with Joy Durham, founder and owner of Sunshine Scarves. This hobby-turned-business owner tells how her daughter’s tragedy turned into the inspiration behind this business that has touched many lives! Chris Steele, owner of Steele Farms in Decatur invites you to check out the corn maze, pumpkin patch and more just down the road from Fort Wayne! Deanna Croussore and Jenny Murphy are writers for the comic bookThe Complicated World of Charlie Valor and spend some time introducing us to him! Maureen Christy, inventor of the “On the Fly Bottle Warmer” shares the  handy product for moms on the go. And we round out the hour with Brad and Libby Birky, who’s SAME Café offers a chance for anyone to eat a good meal, regardless of how much money they have! Join us for fun interviews and giveaways!
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