Spots and Spotlights

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Host(s): Lynne Ford and Bekah Freelan
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We have some summer fun for you with this month’s Spots and Spotlights! Mac McNally of the Wakarusa Dime store shares the story behind this unique local establishment not that far from Fort Wayne! Stephen Antonson and Kathleen Hackett have an eye for transforming everyday materials into fabulous home furnishings! Hear their ideas from their book Home from the Hardware Store (Rodale, ISBN# 978-1605295725). Jim Logan’s “Bringrr” will alert you when you start to drive off without your cell phone in the car. In these hot summer days, The Ice Tee can help keep you safe and cool while you work out. Emily Thawley tells us more about it! And if your dog is petrified of thunderstorms, Chris Ng Cashin from Thundershirt has the answer…a unique product to calm man’s best friend. Tune in for fun and giveaways!
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