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Friday, June 20, 2014 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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To invest in the life of a prisoner can be a risky thing...but if God called you to do it, would you? Brenda Spahn felt God urging her, after her own brush with life on the inside of the prison walls, to open a "whole-way" house and help women acclimate to life after serving a sentence. She joins us to tell her story of grace, God and gumption...the story of Miss Brenda and the Loveladies (WaterBrook, ISBN# 978-0-307-73217-0). And Kathy Sanders, author of Now You See Me (FaithWords, ISBN# 978-1-4555-2619-2), lost her two grandsons in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. After battling bitterness and suicidal temptations, the Lord urged her to forgive convicted bomber Terry Nichols...and not just to forgive him, but to friend him. She shares how she forgave the unforgivable.
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