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Friday, September 14, 2012 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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A breast cancer diagnosis is both physically and emotionally devastating, and Dr. Taffy Anderson learned that first hand over five years ago when she faced her own diagnosis. Though she walked into the journey with a doctor’s understanding, she was also a wife, daughter, sister, aunt…and woman…a seeker of the Treasures in Darkness (Lift Every Voice, ISBN# 978-0-8024-8250-1). Crystal Renaud faced a different kind of darkness: the trap of pornography. Her addiction began when she was just ten years old, and for years she found herself bound to this deep and socially silent sin. Finally she surrendered to the Lord, confessed her sin, embraced accountability and owned her addiction…all parts of her healing and restoration. She shares the truth of how Dirty Girls Come Clean (Moody, ISBN# 978-0-8024-6300-5).
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