Thursday, August 02, 2012 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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Don’t you wish parenting came with a manual? We’ve got the next best thing for you…a group of moms who have been there and have practical advice to perplexing questions. Judy Christie, author of Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms (Abingdon, ISBN# 978-0-687-65915-9) gives permission to slow down and enjoy living and parenting. Kara Durbin’s Parenting with Scripture (Moody, ISBN# 978-0-8024-0849-5)teaches you to find teachable moments with young children and show them how to apply God’s word in their daily lives. Erin Davis uncovers motherhood as a divine call in Beyond Bath Time (Moody, ISBN# 978-0-8024-0562-3). And the ever-comforting Joan C. Webb offers Nourishment for New Moms (Barbour, ISBN# 978-1-60260-960-0) – suggesting pointers for finding joy in the new mom challenges. These four women bring words of hope and relief for frazzled and frustrated moms.
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