Noticing God

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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Busy, busy, busy! We are the keepers of packed schedules, and for most, the one appointment that gets rushed – or skipped entirely – is time spent hidden away with God. In fact, we risk missing Him in the moments of life where He waits to be seen! In her DVD Be Still (Cook),  Lisa Chan explores the pressures, perceptions, and expectations that women face and challenges us to enjoy simply being at the feet of Jesus. Bible teacher Joanne Ellison wonders how many people really think about what Jesus said and how his words could break through our darkness and transform our lives. She unpacks the “red letter” words of the Bible and encourages the practice of Making Space for the Words of Jesus. AndChandra Peele calls for a makeover of the stereotypical Church Lady (New Hope, ISBN# 978-1-59669-323-4), changing her from tarnished, ugly, gossiping picture people tend to have into the loveable, giving, serving woman God intended!
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